How to Force Quit on Mac [MacBook Pro/Air] in 2021

Hello friends. Welcome to a new article in our troubleshoot category. So today we will know how to force Quit on Macbook Pro and MacBook Air. So let’s know without wasting your time.

Many times we need to quickly close the open software in the MacBook. Or due to the MacBook hang, we also need to go to this option, although we have a lot of methods to force quit the MacBook. But today we will show a simple way that your problem can be solved.

1 Open the software that you want to “Force Quit”

We have also told this method through images, so you can follow us by looking at the image given below.

Step 1: Click to Apple Icon

After clicking in the icon, a popup will open in front of you. As you can see in the image

Step 2: In the popup, you will see the option of Force Quit.

You can easily close the software that is open in your macbook by clicking the force quit button.


The above method is for both macbook air and macbook pro?

Yes, this method can be done on both versions of macbook in the same manner.

By force quit our other files will not be deleted?

There is no need to worry. Your file is safe.

How much time does the software take to stop as soon as force quit?

Within a 2 to 3 seconds.


This article has been verified by our experts. If you are having a problem after the above mentioned method, then by commenting to us, our team is meant to answer your problem.

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