Is Battlegrounds Mobile India Banned?


Can Battleground Mobile India be banned in India? Let’s talk After all, why is there news that Battleground Mobile India will no longer be launched in India.

MLA of Arunachal Pradesh has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he has spoken on Battleground Mobile India, let’s know what is written in this letter so that Battleground Mobile India can be banned in India.

As we told that the package ID of Battlegrounds Mobile India is still with PUBG

The MLA of Arunachal Pradesh has written in a letter that Battlegrounds Mobile India is another version of PUBG, in which the company wants to re-launch the game in India by changing the name of the game and the name of the company. MLA said, we should not trust Battlegrounds Mobile India, the modified version of this PUBG.

Opinion of oath India on Battlegrounds Mobile India?

According to us, these Battlegrounds Mobile India can be banned in India. However, the launching date of Battlegrounds Mobile India has not been revealed yet. But if Battlegrounds Mobile India is launched in India soon, then this game will be banned by Bharat Sarkar.

Or if the Indian government takes action quickly in this Battlegrounds Mobile India game, it may be that it is not launched and banned before it is launched.

We will keep updating this post constantly. So stay with oath india. And let us know through our opinion comment that should Battlegrounds Mobile India be banned in India?

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