Battlegrounds Mobile India has the same package id as PUBG

Hello friends. Welcome to the news article of oath India. pubg mobile changed its name and company, but the package ID is still PUBG.

So today our team researched by BATTLEGROUNDS on MOBILE INDIA, the package ID is still the same as the old PUBG ban games. So today we will know why the package id of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has not been changed.

PUBG was banned by India some time ago. And many people were happy with this too, but if they talk about the young people who were crazy about the pubg, they were very sad about this.

This decision taken by our Government of India was also correct. Because our data was being leaked somewhere by PUBG. And it was a Chinese application, which we could not trust too much. Due to which the Indian government had banned this application and other applications.

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The package ID of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, which is going to be launched in India in June, is still PUBG. Can’t say anything now that when the name of the company and the game was changed, then why was this package ID not changed?

On knowing by our experts, they say that this package ID has not been changed because BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will soon get a good Rankin in Playstore.


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