How To Pre-Register in Battlegrounds Mobile India & Benefits

Hello friends. Welcome to another fresh article from oath India. Like me, you too are a fan of mobile gaming, right? So friends finally announced Battlegrounds Mobile India in India, haven’t you registered yet?

So today we will talk about pre-registration in Battlegrounds Mobile India in this article. Also, you will know about the benefit of pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India, what you will get in this pre-registration. Remain till the end of this post

how to pre-register in Battlegrounds Mobile India in Android Mobile

We have explained below step by step to register your Android Pre to Battlegrounds Mobile India

So first you have to open Google Play Store application in your mobile

After opening the Play Store application, you will see the search bar in the top of the application and click on it and search by writing “Battlegrounds Mobile India”.

As soon as you open the search result, you will see that the first application of Battlegrounds Mobile India from Krafton will be visible in the top.

You have to click on the official battlegrounds mobile India of the Krafton.

After clicking, you will go to the form for pre-registration and then you will find a button on the bottom, in which you have to click on the pre-registration.

Clicking on the button of Pre Restoration, you will have a popup open, which will have the button installed when available and below that there will be the button of got it.

Clicking on the install when available button will download your mobile automatic whenever the Battlegrounds Mobile India game is launched.

Clicking on the Got IT button will bring a notification in your mobile after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, which says that Battlegrounds Mobile India is available to download and then you can download this game manually.

What are the benefits of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration?

In the pre-registration, the gaming company gives some special gifts to its Royal Gummars, as Battlegrounds Mobile India will also give some special gifts to its users. Below we have explained in detail what gifts can be given to Battlegrounds Mobile India after registering Pre.

  • Recon outfit
  • Recon Mask
  • Celebration Expert
  • 300 AG

Recon outfit, Recon Mask, Celebration Expert, 300 AG will not require you to spend money because you have done your pre-registration and you will get Battlegrounds Mobile India free gift


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