“Install” Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access) BGMI Testing Guide

Hello pubg lovers, sorry I mean battlegrounds mobile india BGMI lovers, so today is 17th date and (BGMI) has launched its early access, we will know how to register early access of batleygrounds mobile india.

Woke up this morning and saw that I had got early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India and I first went and installed Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access) and also I told some of my friends and also shared the BGMI early access link. Done and be a part of this testing.

So let’s know about how to early access BGMI and how to be a part of testing

Guide How to Install Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access

So first of all register in Early Access by clicking on the button given below.

After clicking on the link we have given above, you will automatically be able to be a part of early access to the BGMI game

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