[7 ways] How to Earn Money Online From WhatsApp in 2021

Hello friends. After your lot of request, we have brought this article for you, how to earn money online from WhatsApp. So we have 7 tremendous ways to earn money online. So let’s know without wasting your time.

We have shared some ways in this article that you can earn money online from home. All these methods are 100% verified by the experts of our oath India.

Make WhatsApp group for earn money online

Do you know that you can earn money sitting at home through WhatsApp group? Let us know how to make money from WhatsApp group

Now you need a target audience that can easily gain conversions.

You can earn money from WhatsApp through the method given below according to your skill.

  1. promote product
  2. Teaching
  3. Content writing
  4. Jobs information
  5. Selling your own products
  6. Offers and discount information
  7. Data entry work

1. Promote Products On WhatsApp Group

You can promote the products of those company by joining as an affiliate program in a big company. Whoever needs that product in your group will buy it from your link and in return, you will also get commission for that product.

Millions of people are making money in this way. So start today.

Which company’s affiliate program should we join?

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Domains Affiliate
  • Hosting Affiliate
  • Software Affiliate

2. Teaching on WhatsApp Group

If you are fond of teaching. You can create a group in which you can educate your students by adding them. You can add children around you and children of relative in this group and you can take money from their parents.

Many people are doing this and are earning a lot of money as well. You can also try this method

3. Create Content writing WhatsApp Group

People make good money by creating a Whatsapp group of content writing. If you have good knowledge in English and other languages and like to write, then you can create a group in WhatsApp and share this group with people who need a content writer.

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4. Create Jobs information WhatsApp Group

If you keep updated with the latest news, then you must know that which job has come out around you. And taking advantage of this, you can create a group in which you can provide relevant information from the job and in return you can also earn money from monthly subscriptions from the members of your WhatsApp groups.

There is another way as if there is any problem in applying your member jobs application, then you can fill their job application form and charge money from them.

5. Selling your own products

If you have a shop or a product that you can make or make at home, then this method can prove to be effective for you. If you have a shop, then you can create a group in which by adding local people, you can ask for their orders directly in your WhatsApp group and you can earn good money by doing home delivery.

More Method Coming soon…

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