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Ripon Sahaji is the owner of the YouTube channel Technical Ripon. Ripon is a digital marketer, a Youtuber, and a blogger. On December 9, 2017, he launched his YouTube channel. He primarily posts videos about SEO and blogging. He now has three YouTube channels with the names Technical Ripon, Blogging Mafia, and Ripon. Technical Ripon, his main YouTube channel, has over 2 million subscribers.

Technical Ripon’s Bio in Condensed Form

Technical Ripon real nameRipon Sahaji
Date of Birth (Birthday) January 26, 1995, at the age of 26 ( As of 2021 )
where he was bornBengal
Marital StatusMarried
Ripon Sahaji Wife NameKuheli Mondal
OccupationDigital Marketer, Blogger, and Youtuber
Inches of Height5’5′′ in Cm 165 cm in M 1.65 m
Weight62 kg
GadgetsiPhone 11, Two DSLR cameras, two MacBooks, one Windows          
Net Worth2 Crores
Monthly Income5-6 Lakhs

Ripon shahi biography

Ripon was born in Bengal, India, on August 26, 1995. His father is a businessman, while his mother is a stay-at-home parent. Ripon stands 5’5′′ tall and weighs 64 kg. From 2015 to 2016, he began his blogging career with site. Following his blogging success, he launched a Channel on youtube in 2017 to teach people how to blog and earn money. He has to teach individuals about online earning because he has never gotten major attention to earning through YouTube.

Ripon Technical Contact Info

Anyone could contact Ripon by a variety of methods, but whether or not he responds is entirely up to him. Here are some ways to get in touch with him for business and individual matters.

Email ID[email protected]
Mobile No.76990*****

Tech Ripon Facebook, Tech Ripon Instagram , Tech Ripon Website Techripon, Technical Ripon on YouTube, Twitter Tech Ripon

Ripon Technical Course and Conflict

Ripon has launched the SEO Mafia Course, which is a paid course. His course was originally priced at 3000 dollars, however, it was later reduced to 1500 dollars. His course includes Ripon’s videos, in which he explains blogging in great detail. Following the success of his first course, he launched his second course, SEO Mafia 2.0, which again saw a good response. Web Beast, another YouTube channel, calls Ripon’s training “trash” and mocks SEO Mafia’s course. “It’s a complete waste of money,” he argues. There isn’t a single item in such courses. Ripon Offers that Information of Course & Making people Fool” using the knowledge that we acquire for free on YouTube. This sparked a feud between Web Beast and Technical Ripon. In their YouTube videos, they primarily target each other indirectly.

Update on Ripon Sahahji:

  • As a result of the many leaks of the SEO Mafia course, Ripon Shahaji has decided to host his course on an Android and iOS mobile app. Ripon also stated that they will be developing a web app for Microsoft Windows shortly.
  • Ripon stated that they will combine all of these elements into a single application for such applications, which will benefit all course members. Through this application, Ripon and all course members will be capable of communicating with one another as well as viewing course videos. You’ll be able to observe.
  • Ripon Shahaji bought a house for one crore with his blogging earnings, claiming that it was a portion of his goal that he finally realized. However, Ripon Shahaji still lives in his previous residence, and Ripon Shahaji will continue to do so till his death. The dream home will not be moved until it is finished; the house is ready, but there is still some work that can be done, which will be done shortly.

Ripon Technical Earnings (Net Worth)

If you’ve been following Ripon for a while, you’ll know that his monthly salary isn’t going to be less than 5–6 lakhs. He is a specialist in digital marketing who generates lakhs of dollars every month because he has more than 200 websites, 1000 web2.0 websites, and three YouTube channels.

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